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Is Lorde Working On Her Next Album?

Lorde has been teasing her fourth album a lot more recently. It might be hard to believe, but it’s already been nearly two years since her Solar Power record dropped. While she’s traditionally had longer gaps of time in between her era cycles, it seems she’s been working on something coming a lot sooner.

“I mean, I do just take a long time… I do a lot of research, I write a lot down,” she told Ensemble. “Sort of a big chunk of work before I actually start writing music. So yeah, that’s been a really big part of it. It’s been super exciting and I feel excited about what’s coming.”

“You know, it’s my intention, it’s always my intention, to move as quickly as I f*cking can and then that ends up taking different forms,” Lorde added. “But this one, I really am trying to. I don’t want to wait, you know, so take from that what you will.”

This isn’t the first time Lorde’s hinted at a faster album drop either. Last September at LA’s Primavera Sound festival, she shared, “Who knows what will come next? Well, I know. And you’ll know sometime soon.”

However, it won’t likely be that soon, as she’s still finishing up the Solar Power tour with a New Zealand and Australia run starting later this month.