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Fousheé’s Tiny Desk Concert Solo Debut Is A Whirlwind Of Emotions, And Yes, She’s Still ‘Single AF’

Fousheé is without question one of alternative music’s rising stars. Having collaborated with artists such as Lil Wayne, Lil Yachty, Vince Staples, Lil Uzi Vert, and Steve Lacy, there is no denying she is a fresh creative force. The singer, rapper, songwriter, and guitarist blends together several sonic elements into some painfully related music. Her 12-track sophomore project, softCORE, is the perfect showing how her musical genius.

Having already appeared on NPR’s Tiny Desk [At Home] Concert series as a guest of her friend, Vince Staples, the New Jersey native is finally making her solo debut in person at the network’s DC office. Fousheé wastes no time jumping start into “Spend The Money,” which originally features Lil Uzi Vert as her band, guitarist Lilly Graves (who also serves as the musical director), bassist Jake Strade, and drummer Tobias Kelly provides additional support.

Before transitioning to the next song of her setlist, Fousheé takes moment to acknowledge her joy in being there. She shares that it was a long day of traveling from Los Angeles, where she now resides, to NPR’s corporate office, but as she said, “I was raised on the East coast, so it feels good to be back on my home coast.”

Fousheé and her band then transition into her single, “I’m Fine.” The track is a melting pot of alternative r&b and metal as Fousheé graciously flows between her delicate yet endearing vocals to a scary, deeply projected scream. As the song ends, she tells the crowd, “Maybe I’m not fine, but are any of us,” before adding, “And it’s OK to not be fine. It’s all about balance.”

Next on the docket is her breakout song, “Single AF,” and in case anyone is curious, the singer confirms that even though she wrote the song years ago inside of her fourth-floor Harlem walkup, her relationship status remains single as f*ck. Fousheé reluctantly concludes her performance with the track “Candy Grapes.”

Watch the full performance above.