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Is Love Quinn Alive In ‘You’ Season 4?

Even though we just checked in with Joe Goldberg over on You, there is never enough Penn Badgley, which is why we were blessed with the trailer for the next batch of episodes today.

As season four began, the Netflix series was flipped on its head after it was revealed that the famous stalker Joe was actually the stalkee for once! At the end of episode five, it was revealed that Rhys is the bad guy who was blackmailing Joe, who is also a bad guy, but we already knew that. The second half of the season will follow Joe/Jonathan as he tries to clear his name and insist on saying he is not a murderer…anymore! That’s not the kind of life you can just leave behind, though.

But speaking of leaving things behind, the teaser also revealed that one of Joe’s former lovers/victims/fan favorites Love Quinn, would appear in an upcoming episode. This begs the question… Love alive? Both the person and the concept.

Love Quinn

Love, played by Victoria Pedretti, appeared in the teaser sitting in Joe’s notorious glass box that he keeps his books and victims in (this is a real show based on a best-selling novel, by the way). At the end of season three, Love allegedly burns alive after being strangled in the home that she, Joe, and their infant child share. Joe leaves the house, cuts off a few of his toes (the fake his death, of course), drops off his baby that was only used as a plot device, and heads to Europe for season four.

Assuming Love died, her appearance in season four is probably some sort of hallucination or memory, just like we saw with Beck in season one. Though on the other hand….we never really saw Love die. So perhaps we will get some more tag team Mr. and Mrs. Smith-type murders in the fifth season. It’s what the fans deserve.

You season four part 2 drops on March 9th on Netflix.