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We Finally Have A First Glimpse Of Melisa McCarthy As Ursula in ‘The Little Mermaid’ And People Are Kinda Losing It

The live-action Little Mermaid movie has seemingly been in production forever. Remember when Harry Styles was in talks to place Prince Eric? That was almost four years ago! Time flies when you’re living in a simulation.

Last year, fans got a first glimpse of Halle Bailey as the Disney princess who gives up her voice in order to live among the people, kind of like what Prince Harry tried to do before he just went and told us everything anyway. We finally have a first trailer for the inevitable blockbuster that will hit theaters just in time for Memorial Day weekend, which shows off the highly anticipated reveal of Melissa McCarthy as Ursula.

The adaptation will feature an ensemble cast led by Bailey, along with Daveed Diggs, Javier Bardem, Jacob Tremblay, and Awkwafina. But the role everyone is talking about is McCarthy as the evil sea with Ursula who manages to trick the young mermaid into giving up her Grammy-nominated voice.

McCarthy beat out Lizzo for the gig after the pop star said she fumbled the audition by wanting to “make Ursula a THOT.” While McCarthy might not have the same amount of enthusiasm, she does have an evil laugh and a whole slew of fans who are ready for her villainous debut. Even though we got one split second of one (very dark) glimpse at the sea witch, it was enough to set the excitement into full gear.

Yes, many people are ready for her underwater reign, but others are looking to get their eyes checked since that trailer is too dang dark! Haven’t we been through this? It did not go unnoticed.

Here’s to hoping they can upgrade that contrast and saturation a little bit by May 26th.