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Comics Are Dragging Tucker Carlson For Using Them Without Permission In His New Anti-Woke Comedy Doc

Fox News has been getting into the comedy business and it ain’t been pretty. They have the top-rated late night chat show, but unfortunately it stars Greg Gutfeld. They have a new Roseanne Barr stand-up special, but unfortunately she’s now kinda depressing. Even the inadvertently funny Tucker Carlson is getting in on the action with a new doc about comedy being allegedly killed by wokeness, which features comics whose work he used without permission.

After a trailer for the Fox Nation special, called The Death of Comedy?, went live, one of the comics featured in it, Troy Bond, torched Tucker for including him without getting his clearance.

“Hey @TuckerCarlson,” Bond wrote, “go f*ck a green M&M you open mouthed dipshit. It’s funny that you are making a documentary about comedy considering the right wing has no idea how to do it. You used my clip (without permission) and I will now be joining ANTIFA in retaliation.”

Nimesh Patel, who makes a brief cameo in the trailer, dragged Tucker twice. He called him a “loser,” adding, “Whining about cancel culture while making millions spewing loosely veiled propaganda. Get off your own d*ck Tucker.” He also claims they included a clip of him after he told his producers they couldn’t use it.

Another comic, Laurie Kilmartin, pointed out that the trailer only features male comics.

Jena Friedman, a Daily Show alum who was Oscar-nominated for her work on Borat 2 (and who made news for making abortion jokes while pregnant, which one could argue proves comedy isn’t dead), expressed sympathy for any comics who wind up on Tucker’s special.

The Death of Comedy? streams now on Fox Nation, if that’s your bag.

(Via The Daily Beast)