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Drake Wasn’t Happy That Game Streamer IShowSpeed Called His Voice ‘Sexy’ On A FaceTime Call

Drake’s usually got a great sense of humor about all the jokes people make about him, but it turns out that even he has a limit.

The Toronto singer has been popping up on gaming streams a bunch lately, cozying up to Gen Z’s version of rap stars. This week, he surprised IShowSpeed, a streamer famous for his viral reactions to games, via a FaceTime call. The two talked about soccer a bit, including whether Drake was a bigger fan of Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi.

However, when things took a turn, Drake was apparently too flustered to continue the conversation.

As Drake told IShowSpeed how much he appreciated him, Speed made things a little too awkward by complimenting Drake’s voice. “You’re doing your thing,” Drake said. “I was talking about you the other day in the car … I’m proud of you, for real.”

Speed complimented him in return, saying, “Bro, your voice is so sexy. How is it so smooth like that? How your voice so smooth like that?” Immediately after that, the call dropped. Whether Drake meant to hang up due to the comment, lost service, or had some other pressing concern, it looks like the streamer felt like he blew his shot.

“He’s not gonna answer the phone again, bro,” he said. “I didn’t mean — I said it wrong, bruh. I meant to say his voice is smooth, but I said it wrong. On God, I said it bad.”

A reminder to the kids out there… sometimes, you just gotta touch grass.

Drake, meanwhile, is $1.4 million richer thanks to some Super Bowl bets he called “psychotic” in the moment.