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‘How To Train Your Dragon’ Is Coming Back, This Time As A Live-Action Reboot (With Lots Of CGI, Of Course)

It hasn’t been that long since the last How to Train Your Dragon movie. The threequel, subtitled The Hidden World, only came out four years ago. But the franchise about a nice Viking boy who befriends a nice flying fire-breathing lizard is already getting a reboot, with a pretty obvious twist.

As per Variety, Dean DeBlois, the screenwriter of the 2010 original film, is coming back for another take on Cressida Cowell’s books. The promised twist? This time it will be live-action (with lots of CGI, of course). No cast has yet been announced, but DeBlois will also serve as the new film’s director and it already has a release date: March 14, 2025, i.e., six years after the last one.

The three How to Train Your Dragon films, which starred Jay Baruchel as the lead voice, were among the more acclaimed animated films of the teens, amassing four Oscar nominations. They even featured cinematography (or some simulacrum thereof) by legendary Coen brothers and Blade Runner 2049 d.p. Roger Deakins. Perhaps he’ll be back, too. Or not! Who knows at this point!

It’s not clear if the live-action reboot will go back to the first book or tell some other tale within the universe or what. How many big changes will there be, especially considering it has the same screenwriter? You’ll find out in about two years.

(Via Variety)