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Emily Ratajkowski Got Cryptic About A ‘Situationship’ Ending Following Her Naked Selfie With Eric Andre

How was your Valentine’s Day? Did you spend it with your sweetie at your favorite restaurant (Chili’s)? Or your favorite bar (also Chili’s)? Or maybe you’re one of the stars of Jackass Forever who shared a nude photo with a famous model on your Instagram account? OK, that last one probably didn’t happen to you, unless you’re Eric Andre.

No person has ever looked happier than The Eric Andre Show star did in a naked mirror selfie taken by Emily Ratajkowski. But is their “situationship” already over?

Three days after the model made headlines for nude Valentine’s Day photos with Eric André, the 31-year-old shared a cryptic TikTok video about moving on. “What should you do when a situationship ends?” the actress wrote over footage of herself appearing to lie topless in bed on Friday. When Ratajkowski guessed that the solution was to “party,” a Shia LaBeouf voiceover could be heard saying, “No, not party.”

Ratajkowski could have posed the question as a hypothetical, or maybe she was referring to Pete Davidson ending and Eric Andre beginning, or maybe it’s something else entirely. Who knows! But I hope Ratajkowski and Andre find happiness, the kind of happiness that could power a city if it was turned into electricity.

(Via Page Six)