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Key Glock Is Here To ‘Work’ On His New Laser-Focused Single Off Of His Forthcoming Album ‘Glockoma 2’

Rihanna isn’t the only recording artist injecting conversations about work into their music. Memphis rapper Key Glock doing the same on his new single, “Work,” off of his forthcoming full-length album Glockoma 2.

On the track, Glock is unapologetically vulnerable in sharing with listeners how he’s finding the motivation to keep going since the tragic murder of his cousin and label owner, Young Dolph. This isn’t the first time Glock has spoken about how Dolph’s passing has affected him or even addressed it in his music (see “Long Live Dolph“), but on “Work,” Glock seems to have lifted a lot of the professional pressure, he had placed on his shoulders.

Glock wastes no time getting into his signature southern flow. The pre-chorus sets up the track’s inspiration, as Glock raps, “Wake up, no pancakes, just syrup / Ten toes down, yeah, stay on alert / I get it in like the first and the third / This sh*t I got on, it came out the dirt / All of this money, I feel like I’m cursed / I lost my dawg, every day this sh*t hurt / I lost my dawg, every day this sh*t hurt / His voice in my head keep on tellin’ me work.”

Watch the “Work” visualizer above. To view the Glockoma tour schedule, click here.

Glockoma 2 is out 2/24 via Paper Route Empire. Pre-save it here.