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Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Back To Blaming ‘Antifa’ For January 6 Violence, And People Are Letting Her Have It

Marjorie Taylor Greene recently made an appearance on Donald Trump Jr.’s new webseries, Triggered, where the Georgia congresswoman trotted out around an old conspiracy theory about the January 6 attack. While recounting her reaction to the “Stop the Steal” rally turning violent, Greene claimed that she was “shocked” by the events at the Capitol building and repeated her insistence that Antifa was behind the whole thing.

Then January 6 happened. It shocked me. I had no idea. I just couldn’t imagine. As a matter of fact, I was arguing with [Florida Congresswoman] Kat Cammack, one of my colleagues, and we were fighting and I said, “Those aren’t our people.” I just couldn’t believe it, like, “Those aren’t our people. That’s Antifa. Those are the same rioters that we see in 2020.” And I could not believe it. And she was like, “They are our people,” and I was like, “No, they’re not.” And she’s like, “They have our red hats,” and I was like, “I don’t care!”

Greene digging up her old Antifa theory is an interesting development given she recently boasted that had she and Steve Bannon organized the assault on the Capitol building, “we would have won.” How, you might ask? “We would’ve been armed.”

Greene also spent time protesting the conditions of the rioters that have been jailed and demanded their release, which is a weird thing to if they were all secretly Antifa. That line of thought was a recurring theme on Twitter as people blasted Greene for trying to feign shock at the violence on January 6 and roasted her for once again bring up Antifa.

You can see some of the reactions below:

(Via Ron Filipkowski on Twitter)