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Alison Brie Doesn’t Find It ‘Weird’ Having Her Husband, Dave Franco, Direct Her In Intimate Scenes

It’s not uncommon for directors to work with their spouses, but some go further than others. Take Alison Brie and Dave Franco. They married in 2017 and since then Franco has directed two films, both starring her. In their latest, Somebody I Used to Know, Brie has to do some nude scenes, with which she’s very comfortable. She also has to do some intimate scenes. Is that awkward for them? Apparently not.

“We’ve worked together enough now,” Brie said in a new interview with Jezebel. “The second film we did together, ever, as actors was Jeff Baena’s The Little Hours, and in that movie, Dave has make-out or sex scenes with three other actresses and me. So, I just feel like that was the ripping of the band-aid.”

Brie explained that they’re able to separate their professional and private lives. “We are actors. This is our job,” she said. “It’s actually not that weird, and with something like this, because it’s our baby that we made together, I think our first priority is always the movie.”

She then referred to Jay Ellis, her onscreen partner in Somebody I Used to Know, saying, “Does the scene feel right and good? We don’t want my romantic scenes with Jay to play awkwardly or strangely in any way.”

Somebody I Used to Know now streams on Amazon Prime. Meanwhile, you’ll have to wait a bit longer for that Community reunion.

(Via Jezebel)