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Okay, Now ‘Avatar 2’ Has Passed ‘Titanic’ On The All-Time Box Office Chart

Not even James Cameron, the maker of the Avatar movies, was prepared for how well its belated sequel would do. But he was wrong and since its release in mid-December, The Way of Water has cleaned up. For the last few weeks it’s already been in the top five of all-time grossers. And now, finally, it’s passed another Cameron money-gobbler.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, Avatar 2 has now grossed $2.243.3 billion worldwide, which gives it the edge over Titanic, whose total cume, at $2.242.8 billion, is not far behind. It’s likely the second trip to Pandora would have passed the beloved historical romance had it not been reissued in theaters last weekend, when its all-time gross stood at “only” $2.194 billion.

And so Avatar 2 is now the third highest-grossing movie ever made, behind only Avengers: Endgame ($2.797 billion) and the first Avatar ($2.992 billion). Perhaps needless to say, none of this is adjusted for inflation, and it’ll have a tough time catching up to Gone with the Wind’s estimated $4.192 billion. (Or, for that matter, the adjusted gross of Avatar 1: $3.824 billion.) Still, don’t ever estimate the power of a James Cameron picture.

In other box office news, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania overcame meh reviews to harness the best opening weekend for that wing of the MCU, Hoovering up $118 million domestically and $239 million elsewhere. Even better, star Paul Rudd recently shared his secret to looking like you’re in your mid-30s for life.

(Via THR)