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Bernie Sanders Did Not Look Thrilled After Accidentally Walking Into Someone Recording A TikTok Dance Video

Bernie Sanders has no time for Valentine’s Day — or TikTok dances.

While in New York City to promote his book, It’s OK to Be Angry About Capitalism, the senator walked into a video being recorded by user @taylorchamp. “Nailed it @Bernie,” she wrote. It doesn’t appear to be staged, because, well, it’s Bernie Sanders. The man only has patience for so many things, and I doubt TikTok is one of them.

After posting the video, the TikTok user said not much happened during her stay in the city. “Hi, Bernie Sanders. I wanna apologize,” she said, seemingly sarcastically. “I saw the doorman actually had a TikTok where he was tagging the place. I was like, ‘Oh dope. Maybe I’ll just make one with him. I’m about to check out.’ The very moment I walk outside, I set it up. This whole trip, nothing happens.” She explained she got “in the way of Bernie Sanders’ walking space… It’ll never happen again.”

In It’s OK to Be Angry About Capitalism, Sanders “takes on the billionaire class and speaks blunt truths about our country’s failure to address the destructive nature of a system that is fueled by uncontrolled greed and rigidly committed to prioritizing corporate profits over the needs of ordinary Americans,” according to the publisher. You know what else it’s OK to be angry about? This face should answer the question:


Here’s the video:

(Via Mediaite)