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Damon Albarn Has Revealed That The Gorillaz Movie Has Been Shelved Following Netflix’s Animation Downsize

We are just days away from Gorillaz eighth studio album, Cracker Island. While Gorillaz fans are elated to finally hear the band’s much-anticipated record in full, they may be disappointed to learn that an upcoming Netflix movie starring the band isn’t going to see the light of day.

Gorillaz creator Damon Albarn confirmed the news during an interview with Belgian publication HUMO, which was conducted in Dutch, but Google Translated to English.

Albarn said the project was “permanently suspended” after Netflix recently purged several of its animated projects and downsized their animation departments.

“They started to panic because they were making too much content and decided to cut back on their movie offerings,” said Albarn. “And, as has been classic Hollywood practice for decades, the guy we were working with has moved on to another company. From then on you have lost your guardian angel, and there seems to be a bad smell hanging on you. Hollywood is quite territorial: if a new guy comes along, he must and will have a different opinion, even if he secretly agrees with his predecessor.”

Cracker Island is out 2/24 via Parlophone. You can pre-save it here.

Gorillaz is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.