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Little Simz’s Performance Of ‘Heart On Fire’ On ‘Colbert’ Is Chilling Look At Mental Health Struggles

Little Simz’s latest album, No Thank You, is the hip-hop gift that keeps on giving. After its surprise release late last year, the UK rapper has been tactic yet patient with her promotional efforts. Immediately following the announcement of the project by way of a supporting short film, the musician took to social media to share a poignant message: “Emotion is energy in motion. Honor your truth and feelings. Eradicate fear. Boundaries are important.”

Just days ago, Simz took to the BAFTA stage to perform the latest single off the album, “Heart On Fire.” Now, continuing her live performance run of the single, she stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to do the same. With The Harlem Gospel Choir, The B-String Quartet, and The Late Show band, Simz delivered a chilling rendition of the track.

Differing from her BAFTA set design, Simz focused in on the reclusive nature of the song. Seated in an antique wooden chair and dressed in an elegant draped white gown, Simz raps the song. As the camera pans out, it is revealed Simz is not just staring into the void, she’s been dictating these hard-hitting truths to herself as she’s emotionlessly staring into a framed mirror. After Simz transitions out of her depressive solitude, she walks into the light as she joins The Harlem Gospel Choir and The B-String Quartet center stage.

The opening lyrics — “It’s a setup and you’ll be next to those prior / The devil works hard, but the business works harder / I vowed from now to work smarter” — sting, especially given that the star has been open about her mental health struggles which caused her to cancel her tour last year.

But Simz wants to ensure fans that despite her struggles, she has a few guardian angels, as she raps, “They won’t do it like us, for the people, by us / Why they wanna fight? Our spirit on higher / God made truth of everything I desire / I ain’t need much, as long as I got my baby, he a rider.”

If that wasn’t enough reassurance the chorus drills it home, as Simz raps, “My life is a blessing / But it comes with the stresses / And I can take it all / Just don’t let me down when I’m in the fire.”

Watch Little Simz perform “Heart On Fire” on The Late Show above.