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Uh-Oh, Fox News Has Decided The New Weird Thing They’re Outraged Over Is ‘Woke’ Legos

It can’t always be easy for Fox News staffers, whose job involves keeping their viewers in a constant state of outrage. Sometimes the pickings are thin. When times are desperate, Tucker Carlson will flip out over M&Ms, which he wishes were sexier. Or they’ll go after kiddie stuff: Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Muppets, Dr. Seuss, Looney Tunes. Well, guess what? Now they’re mad over “woke Legos.”

On Wednesday, the longtime line of plastic toys announced they were expanding their output to include not only building sets but also streaming content that will feature more “authentic, interesting and passionate characters.” That also means they’ll have figures that represent a broader swatch of children, including ones with Down’s Syndrome, anxiety, and missing limbs.

Perhaps you think this is nice. Perhaps you don’t really care and can carry on living your life. Not Fox News hosts. Learning that the toy company was digging in deeper into inclusion and diversity, they threw one of their hissy fits.

“Say it ain’t so,” host Harris Faulkner bellowed, “Lego is going woke!” Faulkner, an adult human with a probably enviable salary, then tried to enrage her viewers about the latest toy menace.

“The company unveiling a range of new characters in the effort to be more inclusive,” Faulkner said. “Lego says the new characters will promote diversity and understanding. Some will have anxiety issues. I don’t know how you show that. One will have a missing limb. Another Down’s Syndrome. These are really important issues.”

Faulkner then brought on Fox News Radio host Jimmy Failla, who said he “definitely” didn’t want Legos that could cater to kids with certain issues. He then made a joke about drag queens.

“But what’s so fascinating about this story is the divide in the country,” Failla railed. “Republicans think it is insane that they are forcing identity politics into Legos. Democrats are upset they didn’t make a drag queen stripper. They’re like, ‘You call this a children’s toy? What kind of set is this?’”

Failla wasn’t done. “But the reason they force identity into toys is because they think identity comes with a built-in political orientation, and that’s what they’re after here,” he steamed. “I’m not having it.”

Of course, since Fox News isn’t covering the bombshell story about how Fox News was caught lying to their viewers about voter fraud in the 2020 election, maybe they just needed to find something, anything to put on air and settled on Legos.

(Via The Daily Beast)