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Jon Stewart Saw All The Damning Texts And Explained Why The Fox News Anchors Are Basically The ‘Last Of Us’ Virus

Jon Stewart has a long documented history of nailing Fox News to the wall, so of course, he had some things to say about the latest revelations from Dominion’s lawsuit against the right-wing network. In a series of damning texts, Fox News anchors like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity are shown privately denying the “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen” from Donald Trump. At one point, Carlson even accuses Sidney Powell of lying.

However, those texts also revealed that the anchors were concerned about losing viewers to Newsmax if they didn’t continue to push Trump’s voter fraud nonsense, so they dutifully got to work.

“They are who we thought they are… which is the worst,” Stewart said on the latest episode of The Problem with Jon Stewart podcast. He held up the texts as proof of what he’s been “screaming about for two decades, which is a purposeful strategy to divide the country through fear and lies and whatever the f*ck else it would take.”

Stewart then compared Fox News’ strategy to the virus from The Last of Us. Via The Daily Beast:

“Let’s create an army of zombies and the cordyceps is the fear and disinformation and misinformation. It’s f*cking amazing!”

“My biggest hope here is that they can no longer look you in the eye when they’re saying their bullshit,” Stewart concluded. “I still think they will, because one of their greatest strengths is lack of shame. And that lack of shame allows them to continue the charade.”

This marks the second time in under a week that Stewart has called out Fox News. He recently blasted the network for pretending to care about working class affected by the Ohio train derailment when the Republican politicians Fox have championed voted for the deregulations that caused the disaster.

“Man, they get up on that high horse,” Stewart ranted. “Well, you know what caused it in the first place? Your f*cking policies. Man, that drives me nuts.”

(Via The Daily Beast)