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Lizzo Told Elmo She Has Played ‘Many Instruments,’ But ‘Sesame Street’ Has A Flute Unlike Any Others

Lizzo is ‘100% that b*tch,” and as such, the Grammy Award winner has no difficulty in commanding attention in any room she steps into or stage she performs on. Whether she’s twerking online in a Grinch custom or floating down the red carpet in a breathtaking floral arrangement, the “Special” singer is just that.

The songwriter has had many first over the last year or so, which include purchasing a home and playing former President James Madison’s preserved crystal flute (which pissed Conservatives off). However, there are still so many things the recording artist hasn’t done. Well, making friends with Sesame Street‘s beloved monster, Elmo, isn’t one of them.

The Emmy Award winner met up with Elmo to set Sesame Street history. In the exchange, Elmo shares that Sesame Street has its own very special instrument that he’ll love for Lizzo to play. What is the instrument? A cookie flute. Of course, Lizzo obliges, and the two have a fun dance party. Afterward, Cookie Monster arrives to throw a wrench into the plans.

Watch the full clip above.

While on set, Lizzo was sure to give Elmo a very special gift, balsamic vinegar, for providing her with this adorable opportunity. The gift exchange was also uploaded onto Twitter for everyone to see and Elmo, graciously quote-tweeted the video to thank the singer for the gift reworking a few of the lines from her song, “About Damn Time.”

Although, the gift may seem odd. It is actually quite thoughtful and is a direct callback to Elmo’s viral appearance on The Tonight Show hosted by Jimmy Fallon back in 2015. During a cooking segment, Elmo’s pronunciation of the word “balsamic” was all the rage on TikTok’s trending sound options last year.

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