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Jonathan Majors Has Explained The Heartwarming Reason Why He’s Always Carrying Around A Little Cup

If you, like many others, pass the time by looking at photos of Jonathan Majors (it’s okay to admit this now), you might be curious as to why one object seems to always gravitate towards him. Majors has been everywhere lately–including various quantum timelines and whatnot– but he always carries one thing with him: a cute little cup.

So, to be fair, the cup is probably regular-sized, but next to a Marvel villain/boxing champion, it sure looks small in comparison. But Majors recently made a stop on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, when Cobert gave him a hard time for bringing his own mug, instead of those royal blue Colbert mugs that CBS so graciously provides. Colbert pressed on and Majors finally told the story behind the cup, which is actually very heartwarming.

When asked about bringing his various cups around Hollywood, the actor explained (via CNN), “I’ve been doing this — I’m 33 years old — I’ve been doing this since I left my mother’s house when I was around 18.” He then confirmed that he has a “rotation” of four cups that he brings out and about, thanks to a life lesson his mom taught him.

Majors explained that his mother was nervous about him breaking out in Hollywood. “She was so terrified of the circus that I had joined. She was very clear about safety. ‘No drinking, no drugs, no sex,’ every time I left the house This has happened my entire life. But the drinking was a thing and she’d always say, ‘Baby, watch your cup. Watch your glass,’ and I always kept that in mind, for safety, but also what that meant,” he said, adding the meaning behind the phrase.

“It means . . . You are a vessel. Nobody can fill you up, nobody can pour you out — you do that yourself.” Majors has had quite the time filling himself up by being cast in various star-studded movies over the past few years but his cup trick helps him remain grounded. “Holding onto this is a reminder that, even in this craziness happening, my self-esteem is my self-esteem,” Majors added. “Nobody can make me, nobody can big me up, as it were, or tear me down.”

It seems like the advice is working, considering just how busy Majors has been over the last month alone. After starring in the latest Ant-Man installment as Kang, he is now set up to be the next big bad Marvel villain, thanks to all of this cup confidence. Hopefully, it won’t make him too powerful. That’s what cute little bags are for.

You can check out the entire clip above.

(Via CNN)