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Alex Jones Claims That The Feds Are Trying To Take Away His Cat, And Of Course He’s Theatrically Digging In His Heels

Conspiracy monger Alex Jones is in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings after getting slapped with over a billion dollar in lawsuit damages for spreading lies about the Sandy Hook school shooting. However, Jones isn’t ducking the massive court bill that easily. There are justifiable concerns about how he can be bankrupt when he reportedly spends at least $100,000 a month and has $10 million in assets.

While investigating his spending, the Department of Justice reportedly noted that Jones spent $2,000 on a cat named Mushu, and the fiery Infowars host did not take the government’s interest in the cat well. Jones fired off a video to his legion of followers accusing the DOJ of trying to take the cat and equated the whole thing to child sacrifice.

“They spent probably five minutes of the meeting that was over 3 hours long, on my cat. They wanted to know if assets were hidden in the cat,” Jones ranted in the video below:

Via The Daily Beast:

Jones admitted the cat cost $2,000 but “we really do love it” and the DOJ was “very serious about the cat and its value and they may want the cat for Sandy Hook families.” Jones described the DOJ’s questioning over the cat as “harassment” and said “the deal’s broke, you aren’t getting the cat. This is next level.” Jones questioned: “What? You want my children next? You want to sacrifice my children or something?” Jones alleged the DOJ were questioning him over the value of the cat “to stir me up. It makes me really upset for this country.”

A defiant Jones ended his rant with a warning to the DOJ. “The line in the sand is, you cannot have my cat,” he said in what could become the spark for the next January 6. Or not, but definitely something to keep an eye on.

(Via The Daily Beast)