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DDG Is ‘Way Too Petty’ On His Defensive Single As He Clears Up A Few Outstanding Rumors In A New Video

DDG declared that he was in love with a mermaid (that mermaid being his girlfriend, Halle Bailey) back in December. However, despite the Potomac native sharing how the singer served as an inspiration to him to be better, rumors began to circulate that the pair had broken up earlier this month.

For weeks, social media users urged Bailey to leave the rapper as they claimed he was damaging her buddy brand. The calls only grew louder when DDG’s ex-partner, fellow recording artist Rubi Rose, shared a screenshot alleging that he was still attempting to contact her, and weirdly enough gifted Bailey a t-shirt that once belonged to her. On his latest single, “Way Too Petty,” DDG is addressing all of the online chatter and more.

The rapper doesn’t mince his words, rapping, “Hoes screenshotting, that sh*t lame / Keep her on the side, she could never be my main,” and, “She just wanna make it, she be f*cked for the fame / Posting pictures naked, baby, you should be ashamed,” seemingly direct jabs at Rose. He didn’t stop there, rapping, “Tell them n***** do they research / I could fall off and come right back like it’s rebirth / Don’t believe the internet, it’s not that b*tch’s t-shirt.”

DDG then took a moment to respond to critics questioning why Bailey remains with him despite the circulating rumors, to which he answered, “I got a mean d*ck,” a line he’s used on social media in the past.

In the accompanying video directed by LewisYouNasty, take it a step further, calling out a few blogs and online users by name.

Watch the video above.