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Pearl Jam Is Treating Fans To Some Serious Surprises In Celebration Of ‘Yield’ Turning 25 This Year

Pearl Jam is honoring the 25th anniversary of their album, Yield, with a new spatial audio mix of the record out today (February 24). Not only that, but Vinyl Me, Please and Pearl Jam’s Ten Club are releasing a special anniversary reissue on vinyl, making it the first time to be pressed on two “180g translucent red & black” LPs, per a press release.

“Since buying my first two Pearl Jam CDs–Ten and No Code— at the local Hastings Bookstore in Laramie, Wyoming as a teenager, I’ve been endlessly enamored with what I consider the greatest rock band of my lifetime. To get to play even a small part in honoring their legacy through the reissue of their fifth album Yield is an absolute highlight of my career. I’m hopeful our attention to detail and passion for the band carries through to the product and delights superfans and newcomers alike,” Cameron Schaefer, VMP’s CEO, shared in a statement.

The band are also dropping their Give Way rarities record for its first-ever worldwide release on Record Store Day (April 22), where it will be available on vinyl and CD forms. It was originally recorded at Pearl Jam’s Melbourne Park show on March 5, 1998 to be a promotional CD, but that release never happened… Until now.

Pre-orders for the Yield vinyl reissue are available here.

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pearl jam give way
Legacy Recordings

1. “Release”
2. “Brain Of J.”
3. “Animal”
4. “Faithfull”
5. “In My Tree”
6. “I Got ID”
7. “Corduroy”
8. “Even Flow”
9. “Spin The Black Circle”
10. “Given To Fly”
11. “Hail, Hail”
12. “MFC”
13. “State Of Love And Trust”
14. “Do The Evolution”
15. “Alive”
16. “Black”
17. “Immortality”