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Tom Cruise Told Jimmy Kimmel About The Stunts He Won’t Do (And The Outlandish Ones He Totally Would)

Tom Cruise turns 61 years young this year, but he’s in no hurry to calm down. Indeed, he’s more of a thrill-seeker now than when he was young. During a rare late night chat show appearance, the movie star who had the biggest hit of his career last year and who may have very well saved movies spent a good chunk of his appearance being grilled about the death-defying stunts he would still do — and the ones where he draws the line.

On Friday, the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! welcomed Cruise, who had come from the set of one of the next Mission: Impossible films by asking him the obvious question: “Did you risk your life today?”

“Well, I did get in a car in this weather,” Cruise joked, referring to the rare rainfall in Los Angeles, “so I think we all did.”

Eventually Kimmel grilled Cruise about his yen for risking his life just to entertain. He asked him something few have: What stunts does his team forbid him from doing?

“I can jump off a cliff, but don’t go snowboarding,” he said. “Or they prefer I don’t get on a skateboard.” He added, “And look both ways before I cross the street. That’s dangerous.”

When asked if he’d still be risking life and limb when he’s old — even 100 — he confidently said, “I’m planning on it.”

Kimmel then ran down a list of over-the-top stunts, gauging which he would and wouldn’t do. That included parasailing over an erupting volcano, flying a jetpack through a tornado, jumping off one plane onto another, and going back in time to kill John Wilkes Booth before he assassinated Abraham Lincoln. All of those he would do (some with caveats).

The only ones he drew a line one were riding a shark like a cowboy (they wouldn’t like that, he safely assumed) and flying a plane blindfolded. He’d also ride in a plane piloted by noted plane-crasher Harrison Ford, saying, “I trust Harrison.”

You can watch Cruise’s Kimmel appearance in the video above.

(Via The Daily Beast)