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Young Nudy Is Keeping His Fans Fed With The Cover Art And Tracklist For His Food-Themed Album, ‘Gumbo’

New music from Young Nudy is coming soon. Yesterday (February 24), the rapper took to Instagram to reveal the cover art and tracklist for his food-themed album, Gumbo.

Gumbo boasts a hefty tracklisting that reads like a list of ingredients. It appears Nudy was also joined by some collaborators, who helped him cook up something great. Joining him in the kitchen are Key Glock, and 21 Savage, who is actually Nudy’s cousin.

Over the years, Nudy has garnered a large fan base and an online following, though, in an interview with XXL last year, he admitted he doesn’t spend too much time online.

“I ain’t gon’ cap to ya. The only way I knew my fan base growing, when I do a show,” Nudy said. “Other than that, trying to go from the internet and sh*t, I don’t really be getting it, because I be seeing rappers that got a million followers and sh*t, and they can’t even get 100,000 likes. And, I know I be getting them muthaf*ckas, and I ain’t got no bots or no fake sh*t. I got real Nudy fans. I feel like my fan base is slowly growing.”

You can see the cover art and tracklist below.

young nudy album cover

1. “Brussel Sprout”
2. “Pancake”
3. “Portabella”
4. “Pot Roast” feat. Key Glock
5. “M.R.E.”
6. “McChicken”
7. “Okra”
8. “Peaches & Eggplants” feat. 21 Savage
9. “Shrimp”
10. “Duck Meat”
11. “Fish & Chips”
12. “Hot Grease”
13. “Passion Fruit”

Gumbo is out 2/28 via RCA.