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‘Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston Believes That It’s Long Past Time To Call The MAGA Slogan ‘Racist’

Bryan Cranston didn’t mince words when given an opportunity to call out Donald Trump for his infamous “Make America Great Again” slogan. During an interview with CNN’s Chris Wallace, the Breaking Bad star pointed out the obvious “racist” implications of the catchphrase now known as “MAGA”

“Most people, a lot of people go, ‘How could that be racist — Make America Great Again?’” Cranston said. “Just ask yourself, from an African American experience, when was it ever great in America for the African American? When was it great? So if you’re making it great again, it’s not including them.”

Not content with highlighting just Trump’s racism, the Walter White actor also reiterated his belief that critical race theory should be taught in schools after previously defending the educational theory on Bill Maher’s podcast.

Via The Hill:

“You present it and say, well, 400 years of slavery, yeah, but we’re moving on. And it’s like, no, let’s really discuss it,” Cranston told Wallace. “How did that happen? How did we get to a point where we treated other human beings as slaves?” Cranston asked, according to a transcript of the program.

As far as the “Make America Great Again” motto, Cranston said critical race theory could “teach us in the woke world to open up and accept the possibilities that our privilege has created blind spots for us.”

Cranston pointed to Germany as an example of a country that grappled with its actions during both World Wars and acknowledged, “This is how it went wrong.”

“I think [Germany has] done a very commendable job in doing so,” Cranston said. “But the United States really hasn’t.”

(Via The Hill)