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Drake Is So Famous That He Had To Attend A Friend’s Court Hearing Disguised As An Old Man

For as many benefits as there are to being one of the most famous entertainers, there are certainly a fair amount of drawbacks as well. Nobody knows this better than Drake; the tension between enjoying the good things and regretting the bad parts of being successful is one of the core tenets of his music output.

As it turns out, though, this isn’t just limited to his music. During his FUTUREMOOD conversation with Lil Yachty, the Canadian star recounted the extreme measures he sometimes takes to avoid causing a ruckus whenever he goes out. Drake recalled donning makeup and prosthetics provided by a Hollywood expert to make himself look like an old man in order to attend a friend’s court hearing.

However, it was all for naught; he says that despite the realistic makeup, people still recognized him. ““Everyone is like, ‘Is that Drake as an 80-year-old?’” he remembered. ” “Yo, I had one of the best Hollywood makeup artists in the world, and they were still like, ‘That’s definitely Drake in there. It did not work.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Drake addressed his habit of name-checking his exes in his music, saying that he regrets the disruptions it creates in their lives, as well as the potential for making a “graceful exit” from the spotlight — which may be harder for him a lot of his contemporaries, considering this story. Fortunately, he avoided having to make a court appearance in the case against XXXTentacion’s alleged killers.