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Hoda Kotb’s Unexplained, Week-Long Absence From ‘Today’ Has Been Punctuated By Cryptic Instagram Posts

Apple TV+’s The Morning Show would likely make an inside event out of whatever is currently happening over at NBC’s TODAY (although no one knows if anything is happening at all). One can easily imagine Billy Crudup’s “Kermit The Frog”-like character maneuvering through how to handle an apparently awkward situation, but no forthright news has been coming about why long-time co-anchor Hoda Kodb has been absent from TV screens. She last appeared live on the show on Friday, February 17, and there’s been no word of a vacation or Instagram posts to that effect.

However, there have been Instagram posts of the vaguely inspirational variety regarding “hope” and “miracles.”

There’s more where that came from (at Hoda’s Instagram page) with Hoda making reference to “magic” and “strong women.” This also appears to be a slight deviation from posts about family and things that Hoda has seen throughout her day and simply feels like sharing.

Deadline also notes that Hoda’s Making Space podcast hasn’t updated in over a week. The outlet reached out to Hoda’s people without a reportable update as of yet. And TODAY has not explained Hoda’s mysterious absence, long after she officially became a co-anchor alongside Savannah Guthrie in 2018 (after years of co-hosting the lighter side of the show with Kathie Lee Gifford).

As for Guthrie, she also disappeared from the Tuesday morning broadcast with a relatively rapid explanation (a positive COVID test) emerging from the show. It sounds like TODAY‘s rotation of guest co-anchors is busy these days.

(Via Deadline)