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Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Selective Outrage (And Sadness) Over Being Yelled In Public At Is Too Rich For People To Handle

Marjorie Taylor Greene is lamenting the loss of days when people were nice to each other, and her selective memory is too much. That last detail isn’t too surprising, considering that Greene was also unaware of how Chris Stapleton’s mutual “wokeness” was key to his participation in the Super Bowl’s Black National Anthem showcase. Greene has also yet to acknowledge a recent statistical error that felt like more than a typo to many people, but at least she’s consistent with her hyperbolic, reality-ignoring ways.

Yep, you can always count on Greene to forget what she’s done in the relatively recent past. The congresswoman from Georgia posted a late-night tweet, in which she claimed to have been “attacked in a restaurant tonight by an insane women and screamed at by her adult son.” Greene declared that these people “turned into demons” and were “completely out of control.” Further, Greene is very sad that “[p]eople used to respect others even if they had different views,” yet she’s found that this isn’t the case “anymore.” This means, according to Greene, that the U.S. has gone down the tubes.

As TMZ notes, no police involvement appears to have occurred as a result of this alleged altercation, and no one seems to be speaking up about what they saw or heard in this restaurant. Until that happens, people are remaining skeptical, but more than that, they’re remembering how Greene used to harass and scream at school shooting survivors, including David Hogg. She also made a fast habit of heckling Biden during the SOTU and called for a “national divorce” only a week ago.

And inside of that whole mess, Greene appears to have forgotten that political civility hasn’t existed in many years, and I think most people noticed the uptick in combativeness around, oh, 2015 or so.