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BBC Didn’t Like Sabrina Carpenter’s Suggestive BBC Joke, So They Thrust It Out Of Her Performance

Last week, Sabrina Carpenter stopped by BBC Radio 1 to perform two songs: a cover of Harry Styles’ “Late Night Talking” and her own “Nonsense.” On the latter song, she switched up the lyrics a bit to fit the environment, ending the song with, “I’m American, I am not British / So BBC, it stands for something different.”

BBC, in terms of the media company, stands for British Broadcasting Corporation. Of course, BBC also has a different, more NSFW definition (as Urban Dictionary will tell you) and that’s the one Carpenter referenced. It appears that BBC Radio 1 didn’t love Carpenter’s lyrics, so much so that they’ve taken them offline.

As Exclaim notes, BBC Radio 1 initially uploaded a video of the performance, BBC lyric included, onto YouTube on February 24, but removed it shortly after. Yesterday (February 27), the video returned to YouTube, this time with the BBC lyric edited out.

Even before the BBC performance, “Nonsense” was meant to have a sense of humor, as Carpenter previously said of the track, “Genuinely, [I] just could not stop writing fake versions of the chorus. […] Basically, we were, like, we know the song is nonsense, we know the chorus, so we took a few of those lyrics that we love, that we were dying over, and we put them in the outro of the song. It’s cool that that kinda song was able to make it in the record, because I really think that also it shows my stupid sense of humor.”

Watch Carpenter’s (edited) BBC Radio 1 performance of “Nonsense” above.