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Jason Lytle Says A New Grandaddy Album Is On The Way, Arriving Sooner Than You Think

Sometimes when you want to know if your favorite musician is releasing new music soon, all you have to do is open Twitter and ask them. Or at least that’s the case with the indie-rock moguls Grandaddy.

Tweeting at the frontman Jason Lytle‘s personal account, a fan wrote: “Hi Jason. I do love your music very much. It has gotten me through so many times. And I appreciate you being active on Twitter. May I ask, what are your plans for new @Grandaddy and/or Jason Lytle music? Do you foresee live performances? Thank you.”

Politeness goes a long way, because Jason Lytle replied in a quote-tweet, writing, “Ha!…All somebody had to do was ask. New grandaddy Lp recorded and is getting mixed very soon. I don’t see why it can’t be released in the middle of this year. Live shows…hmmm…no idea.”

In our 2020 interview with Lytle, he discussed dealing with bad memories through making music. “So let’s say that you have something in your life that’s just tearing you apart,” he said. “And the only way to deal with it is to write it down in a journal, which lots of people do and it helps. You get it out. It’s on paper. You’re just like, ‘All right, it’s in physical form.’ There’s something kind of cathartic about that like, ‘All right, I feel better.’ And you just move on. You close the journal, you put it in the drawer. Maybe it didn’t fix you, but you feel a lot better.”