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Marjorie Taylor Greene Lamented The Fall Of Math Literacy And Accidentally Ended Up Proving Her Own Case

Marjorie Taylor Greene does it again, and by I mean “does it,” she’s complaining about something and proving her opponents’ points. This was the case when she didn’t realize that Chris Stapleton’s mutual “wokeness” ended up being a key reason why he participated in the Super Bowl’s Black National Anthem showcase. More recently, Greene has been making numerical flubs, one that people suspect is more than a typo, given that she had accused Biden of allowing a majority of the world’s population (“billions” rather than the more accurate “millions”) to flood across the U.S.-Mexico border.

The congresswoman from Georgia has now moved onto lamenting the “horrific” loss of math literacy, which she believes all happened during Covid-19 induced school shutdowns. As seen in the below clip, Greene can be seen declaring that “math levels dropped by 7 points, reading levels dropped by 2 points,” and then she began to stumble over her own words: “There is one million five hundred and twenty-four, five hundred and twenty-four and four hundred eighty-one thou– this is over one million.”

She of the “Jewish space lasers,” “gazpacho police,” “Marshall law,” and “peach tree dish” mentions strikes again. As one can imagine, people are having a field day this this hot mess. Nope, no notes: