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Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Are Apparently Doing ‘Daily Zoom Therapy’ To Try To Save Their Relationship

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly might not be each other’s Bloody Valentines much longer. The romance between the actress and the rapper has quickly spiraled over the last few weeks after rumors surfaced that MGK might have cheated on his fiance — rumors Fox lent credence to when she wiped her social media of all photos of the couple and posted a Beyonce lyric that referenced infidelity in the singer’s own marriage. Fox’s Instagram cull — which included unfollowing everyone save for Eminem, Harry Styles, and Timothee Chalamet — happened over Super Bowl weekend and since then, the couple has been working to get their relationship back on track.

Their latest attempt? Couples therapy. Via Zoom.

After the paparazzi snapped the pair leaving a marriage counseling office, the couple is now taking their therapy appointments at home. A source told Page Six that Fox and MGK are “talking to a couples therapist every day via Zoom,” which is probably as exhausting as it sounds.

“Megan feels that they must give therapy a shot before making any permanent decisions,” the source continued with an insider previously telling the site “They are broken up, but Megan is seeing where they stand. She wants to see what they can salvage.”

Page Six was one of the first to report that infidelity might have led to the split after a source alleged Fox had found “DMs and text messages” which led her to believe MGK had been unfaithful. But once the story broke, Fox was quick to shut down those rumors, posting on Instagram, “There has been no third party interference in this relationship of any kind. That includes, but is not limited to… actual humans, DMs, AI bots, or succubus demons.”

Still, something serious must’ve happened for Fox to remove her engagement ring — especially since MGK has bragged about designing the piece of jewelry in a way that would make it painful for Fox were she to ever remove it — and for both to subject themselves to this digital hail mary.

One day you’re planning your dream goth wedding and drinking each other’s blood, the next you’re spilling your guts to a white woman named Donna via your laptop’s shitty front-facing camera. Love truly is dead.

(Via Page Six)