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A Food Writer Was Appalled At The Bidens For Ordering The Same Dish At Dinner And Now Everyone Has A Hot Take

There are some couples out there that are so close they start to slowly morph into the same person. We all know these couples, they wear matching outfits, they say the same jokes, hell, sometimes they even slowly start to look like one another. Well it turns out, President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden just might be that type of couple. According to the Washington Post, the Bidens hit up popular Washington DC restaurant Red Hen and committed, what some consider, the ultimate culinary sin (aside from putting ketchup on overcooked steak, of course) — they ordered the same dish.

The meal in question consisted of a chicory salad, grilled bread, and butter, and two bowls of rigatoni. Not exactly a thrill ride and nothing seems amiss. And yet, it led to Washington Post’s congressional reporter Paul Kane citing his own dinner crew, linking to a piece about the meal (written by Emily Heil), and offering this very strong take:

We respect Kane for drawing a line in the sand, but as you might expect, the internet had all sorts of opinions on this level of caring-what-the-hell-others-do-with-their-time. Here are some of the best takes we found.

The Red Hen’s Mezzi Rigatoni, which features tomato, fennel sausage ragu, and pecorino romano is the restaurant’s signature dish and WaPo reports that about 50 to 70 orders a night are sold, so… maybe Joe and Jill both wanted to experience what the restaurant is most famous for. Or maybe Joe and Jill are one of those weird couples that are slowly morphing into the same person mentioned above. Only the Secret Service knows for sure, so we’ll all just have to theorize.

We’re kidding, don’t theorize about that. Focus on stuff (college loans!) that matters and leave people to order in peace.