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Kim Petras Says It Feels ‘Incredible’ To Be The First Trans Woman Honored At The ‘Billboard’ Women In Music Awards

Kim Petras is kicking off 2023 right with the release of her new song “Brrr” in January and then making history as the first openly trans woman to win the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance Grammy in February.

She’s making history again, this time by being the first trans woman to be honored at the Billboard Women In Music Awards last night, March 1. When asked about what that felt like, the singer explained, “It feels really, really incredible. I’m just so happy that the times and world have shifted where that can happen. Looking back in history, there’s been a lot of really great trans artists who have come before me and fought for me to be here, too, and they never got this opportunity. So I carry that with me and just want to make sure that I honor them as well.”

She added, “It feels incredible for a young trans kid out there to see you can be a real part of society and people can respect you and you don’t have to hide. You can achieve anything and be yourself. That’s the happiest thing for me because I always think of little me and what that would’ve meant.”

Watch her full interview above.