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John Mayer Crafts A Catchy Commercial Jingle In A New Episode Of ‘Impractical Jokers’

Tonight (March 2), John Mayer will make a special appearance on Impractical Jokers, pulling pranks on unsuspecting victims, as reported by People.

In a clip shared ahead of the show’s airing, the show’s pranksters James “Murr” Murray, Sal Vulcano, and Brian “Q” Quinn convince a stranger named Sage to pose as the Senior Vice President for fake company Donkey Dan’s Margarita Blenders.

In the clip, Mayer presents an original jingle for Donkey Dan’s.

“When we did that party, I had that idea for that song from the very beginning. I told you I wouldn’t even let you hear a bar of it until I got into a room with you,” says Mayer in the clip.

He sings, “Fist fights and fender benders / He sings Donkey Dan’s Margarita Blenders.”

Unfortunately, Sage is tasked with breaking the news to an enthusiastic Mayer that the company cannot afford to use his music.

After Mayer sings the song, Sage tells him, “OK, no… we’re sticking to the program,” appearing unimpressed by the song.

Mayer then tries to convince Sage to give him another chance, saying, “I promise you if I never played it again, you’ll be singing it when you took your shoes off tonight.”

You can check out a sneak peek here.