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’Nobody Wanted To Hire Me:’ One Of The Favorites At The 2023 Oscars Actually Lost His Health Insurance After Starring In The Film

Stars are just like us in the sense that they, too, have probably spent 45 minutes on hold with their insurance companies while trying not to cry. At least one actor has a traumatizing insurance experience, even after starring in the smash hit Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Ke Huy Quan stopped by The Late Late Show, where he revealed that he was struggling during the pandemic after Everything Everywhere All At Once’s release was delayed. The film, which was shot in January 2020, didn’t hit theaters until March 2022, thanks to COVID-related delays, which threatened Quan’s health insurance.

Quan told James Corden that he was looking for jobs throughout the pandemic in order to keep his health insurance. “I was about to lose my health insurance,” Quan said, realizing that his future livelihood basically relied on Everything being a hit. “So, I called my agent and I said, ‘Can you please get me anything? It doesn’t matter, I just need one job to make the minimum requirement so I can qualify for health insurance the following year.’ And I could not get one single job. Sure enough, 2021 came and went [and I] lost my health insurance.” Isn’t healthcare amazing?

The actor even called up Everything’s producers to see what they thought of his performance. When they asked why, he responded that he wasn’t getting any jobs: “Well, nobody wants to hire me.” Then, everything changed when Everything Everywhere All At Once was released and became a googly-eyed sensation. He added, “The movie came out in March of last year and my life has changed.”

Quan has already earned a Golden Globe and a SAG award for his performance. He also secured a role in Disney+’s Loki season two, so hopefully, he can go to the doctor any time he wants for a while. Everything is fine!

(Via Variety)