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Lil Mosey Was Found Not Guilty In His 2021 Rape Case

Seattle rapper Lil Mosey has been found not guilty of rape after a two-week trial, according to XXL. The trial, which began on February 22, concluded with the rapper cleared of all charges, which were brought in 2021 when the then-18-year-old rapper was accused of having intercourse with a woman who was passed out during a party with Mosey and a pair of associates, Joshua Darrow and Francisco Prater, who will be tried in separate cases.

Mosey pled not guilty in 2021, but was still ordered to stay away from the alleged victim. If convicted, he could have faced life in prison and up to $50,000 in fines. According to the victim’s statement, the rapper and his friends invited the woman to a cabin party in 2020 (when Mosey was still 17) and passed out from alcohol consumption. When she came to, she said that the men had taken the opportunity to have sex with her, although she could not give consent.

Today, Mosey wrote in an Instagram post, “Spent 2 years of my life going thru the storm and I’m happy to say that God finally brought the truth to light. Thank you.” Meanwhile, his defense attorney, Shane O’Rourke, gave a statement to XXL in which he said the rapper had been “completely vindicated.”