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Dijon Fights Through The Pain On His New Single, ‘Coogie’

On his newest song, “Coogie” singer and producer Dijon struggles with expressing his needs and emotions. Over a silky, guitar-driven beat, he admits defeat, as he battles with sharing his feelings, versus keeping them inside.

“I get scared that maybe needing is bad / And I get numb / And we do it over and over again / And days get bad, and I just push it inside / Is it bad that I just put it inside,” he sings.

By the time the song reaches its end, Dijon does his best to bear the pain he’s enduring, for the sake of the person he loves the most.

“Coogie” marks Dijon’s first original song since dropping his debut album, Absolutely, in 2021. In an interview with SSENSE last year, Dijon revealed how he wants to go about writing his second album.

“My only interests are to write affecting songs,” he said. “They have to fit within some sort of parameter —even just the simplest phrase. Is it memorable? Is it singable? Does it hook you? I have no interest in just flexing around…I don’t also want it to be necessarily fixed all the time on some sort of historical sonic template. I feel a responsibility now.”

You can listen to “Coogie” above.

Dijon is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.