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How Many Episodes Are In ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Season 3?

On March 17, the Power Universe returns to the small screen thanks to Power Book II: Ghost season three. Things will pick up right from the aftermath of season two’s dramatic events, and when we say drama, we mean drama. Season two ended with the shocking deaths of Zeke, Mecca, and Lauren. Zeke was accidentally killed by Lorenzo while Mecca was killed by Monet (played by Mary J. Blige) during a confrontation at his apartment. Monet was absolutely distraught when she learned about Zeke’s death shortly after, but Lorenzo did not confess to the accident. As for Lauren, she was killed in an accident that looked a lot less like an accident thanks when Ellie’s involvement is put into consideration.

In better news, Tariq successfully beat his case after Brayden said it was him, not Tariq, who was selling drugs on campus out of their dorm room. He also said that Course Correct was a solo operation with Tariq being nothing more than a roommate. So now that you’re up to speed on Power Book II: Ghost, here’s the game plan for season three.

How Many Episodes Are In ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Season 3?

Just like season two, the third season of Power Book II: Ghost will feature a total of ten episodes. Each episode will be an hour long and premiere every Friday on STARZ. The new episodes will be available to watch on the STARZ app and website starting at 12:00am EST/PST on Fridays. The episode will then air again on the STARZ channel at 8PM EST/PST.

Now that you know how many episodes are in season three, and when they come out, here’s an official synopsis of the upcoming season:

The third season of “Power Book II: Ghost” kicks off with Tariq St. Patrick determined to get his trust, get back to his family, and get out of the game for good. The emergence of a ruthless new connect interrupts Tariq’s plans to reunite with Tasha and Yaz and puts him, Brayden, and Effie back into business with the Tejadas as they’re challenged to move more weight than ever before. When Brayden brings Tariq in as an intern at his family’s hedge fund Weston Holdings, the drug business expands beyond Stansfield and the streets onto Wall Street, while Tariq is also shown an alternate, legitimate path to success.

Monet Tejada, set ablaze by the death of her son Zeke Cross, is willing to pay a hefty price to avenge her firstborn and keep the rest of her children – and the business – in line as she works closely with Davis MacLean to solve Zeke’s murder and keep the feds off her trail. Business is booming when a staggering reveal forces Tariq to reckon with a betrayal from those closest to him… and a R.I.C.O. investigation mounting into the entire drug enterprise, pulling Tariq deeper into the business and even closer to the legacy of his father.

Season 3 of ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ debuts on STARZ on March 17.