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One Direction Fans Are Freaking Out After Harry Styles Posted And Deleted A Photo Of Himself Wearing A Certain Shirt

Yesterday (March 5), a monumental event in pop music history took place: Harry Styles wore a One Direction t-shirt.

Jokes aside, 1D fans would be overjoyed to see the now-defunct boyband reunite, so any indication that the group’s members are on good terms is warmly embraced. So, fans were overjoyed when yesterday, Styles took to the gym wearing a shirt from One Direction’s 2012 Up All Night Tour, shared a photo of it on his Instagram Story, and then quickly deleted the post. Perhaps the photo was meant to be shared with just Styles’ friends and/or his 1D bandmates, not all of his 48.3 million Instagram followers?

Naturally, fans couldn’t help but speculate about a potential One Direction comeback tour or perhaps even a reunion to make new music. One enterprising Etsy seller is even taking pre-orders for a t-shirt featuring a screenshot of Styles’ post.

Whatever may or may not be in the works, it at least appears the group is on good terms. Niall Horan recently said they still “speak constantly,” and the band members were happy to reflect on their tenth anniversary back in 2020. A few months ago, Styles said he wasn’t sure if 1D would ever take the stage together again but noted “the thought of it is a really nice one, I think.”