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A Star-Studded Little Comedy From 2014 That You Probably Forgot About Is Currently The Number One Movie On Netflix

It seems like, lately, when you log into Netflix (using your own unique password and definitely not the login info that you stole from your sister’s ex-boyfriend) the alleged number one movie is something weird. It makes a little bit of sense: movies are added and removed pretty regularly, so every once in a while, the Twilight franchise just ends up dominating the top 10. It’s virtually inevitable, and nobody really questions it when Netflix says it, so it has to be accurate, right?

The latest movie to top the Netflix Top 10 is a nearly decade-old comedy called This Is Where I Leave You, from one of Netflix’s main players, Shawn Levy, who is currently working on season five of Stranger Things.

Levy, who directed the film, took to Twitter to thank Netflix fans for getting the movie back in front of the eyes of an audience: “Took a minute, but I’ll take it! Thanks everyone who’s watching and sending such kind words about our long lost little movie,” the director tweeted, along with a screenshot of the movie clearly beating out Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds’ 2013 action/comedy RIPD, which you also might remember. They did release a sequel last year, though.

This Is Where I Leave You features an ensemble cast with all of your favorite comedians including Tina Fey, Jason Bateman, Jane Fonda (!), and notorious jokester Adam Driver. The movie, which hit theaters in 2014, follows a group of grown siblings who return to their childhood home after the death of their father. It sounds heavy but keep in mind that Ben Schwartz — who is also in this movie, along with Timothy Olyphant and Kathryn Hahn and Rose Byrne and Corey Stoll and we’ll just stop here but geez — plays a Rabbi named Boner, so that’s what you’re in for here!

You can watch This Is Where I Leave You on Netflix. Or RIPD if that’s more your style.