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Nick Cannon Promises ‘Some Big News’ And Fans Have Some Baby-Related Theories About What They Think It Is

When Nick Cannon promises “some big news,” there are a couple of possibilities. After all, he’s got so many projects in play at any given moment, it could be a new show, album, hosting gig, or movie role. But when he tweeted that he has an announcement today, fans only had one kind of announcement in mind, considering his recent activities.

Those recent activities, of course, involve the slew of headlines about new inclusions to his ever-growing brood. Cannon joked during the holidays that he spent them traveling all night to visit each of his 11 children and their six mothers (he’s one of few celebrities with a separate table on his Wikipedia page to help fans keep track). So fans had plenty of baby-related jokes in response to the actor-host-rapper’s tweet to “EXPECT some big news tomorrow.”

This isn’t the first time fans — and peers — have shared their thoughts about Nick Cannon’s apparent efforts to field a full football team’s worth of children. Most recently, fellow television host Andy Cohen suggested Cannon should get a vasectomy, while fans instantly thought of him when news broke that the world population had hit 8 billion people. However, he does have one supporter: Akon, who is “1,000 percent” behind Cannon fathering so many children — understandable, considering he’s got nine of us own.