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Pedro Pascal’s Pride Flag Instagram Post Has People Wondering If He Just Came Out

The group chats are firing on all cylinders. The discourse has run amuck on Twitter. And why? Because Pedro Pascal posted a pride flag on Instagram.

If your mom, your mutuals, or that friend who keeps sending you video edits of Pascal reading thirst tweets, has panic texted you about the sexual orientation of an incredibly talented actor and extremely attractive celebrity they will never meet IRL, here’s why. Over the weekend, Pascal shared a photo slideshow on Instagram with multiple pictures of pride flags in support of both the gay and transgender communities. He captioned the photo with a Bob Dylan lyric that said, “The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind. #LGBTQIA”

The photo was liked by plenty of Pascal’s famous friends including his The Last of Us co-star Bella Ramsey who’s been open about her journey to realizing she identifies as non-binary. Ramsey has even credited Pascal with helping to make her feel comfortable with her gender fluidity while on set. But all of that took a backburner to the question, “Is the Internet’s favorite Daddy coming out as Gay?”

No. Well … not yet.

Look, we’re not speculating on Pascal’s sexual preferences. If you want to go on believing he’s straight as a stick, be our guest. If you, like many who’ve paid attention to his recent press tours and red-carpet outfits, look at the actor in waffle-knit cardigans and point out he’s sporting major “cool gay uncle” vibes, you’re not not wrong.

But that’s just conjecture. The likely real reason Pascal posted about his continuing allyship when it comes to gay and trans rights is because of his sister, Lux Pascal, who came out as transgender in February 2021. Pascal has been vocal about his support of his younger sibling and he’s condemned any homophobic and transphobic fans who think to follow him.

The post also comes amidst devastating setbacks for the Queer and trans communities in states like Tennessee and Florida where bans on drag shows and gender-affirming care have been put in place.