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Drew Barrymore’s Biggest ‘No No’ In The Bedroom Involves… A Lizard?

On today’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, television’s most delightfully chaotic morning show, host Drew Barrymore vowed to lock her pet lizard out of her bedroom the next time she brings a man over.

Barrymore and co-host Ross Mathews agreed that having animals in the bedroom can have a negative effect on a person’s sex life. “The only people who have been in my bed in the last seven years are my dogs and cats,” she said, “but if someone came over I’d be like, get out!” I would not recommend watching Get Out in the bedroom, either. It’s a bit of a mood killer.

Barrymore doubled down on her claims, saying she “can’t with the dog watching and the cats walking around.” Having repeated that “it’s a no no” for her, Mathews joked, “Listen, I’m pretty sure I’m still not doing it right. I’m confused half the time and you’re gonna put obstacles in my way? I’m already, like, failing.”

During the segment, Barrymore also said that she owns dogs, a cat, and a bearded lizard named Jeremy that sometimes chills in her bed, because of course it does. “But listen: a man comes over, you will think I own no animals,” she said, to which Matthews replied, “Yeah, get that lizard out of my bed.”

Maybe Jeremy wants some privacy, too. Have you ever thought about, huh? It’s a real turn-off to have the person who feeds you flies watching you while you’re trying to put the moves on some lady lizard.

(Via Decider)