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Tegan And Sara Announce A Graphic Novel Called ‘Junior High,’ A Prequel To Their Memoir

Last year, Tegan And Sara released their new album, Cry Baby. It was only one of many projects they were sharing; their Amazon prime show High School based on their memoir, also came out. It looks like they have even more to offer fans this year.

The duo has announced a graphic novel Junior High that will arrive at the end of May. According to their website, the artwork was done by Tillie Walden, which can be considered a prequel to their memoir. Read the summary of the book below.

When growing up gets messy, find someone to hold on to.

Before the indie-pop duo Tegan and Sara took the world by storm, Tegan and Sara Quin were identical twins trying to find their place in a new home and new school. Tegan and Sara: Junior High tells their story. From first crushes to the perils of puberty, surviving junior high is something the sisters plan to face side by side, just like they’ve always faced things. But growing up also means growing apart, as Tegan and Sara make different friends and take separate paths to understanding their queerness. For the first time ever, they ask who one sister is without the other.

Set in the present day, this inspiring, lightly fictionalized autobiography offers a glimpse at Tegan and Sara before they became icons, exploring their shifting sisterhood, their own experiences coming out, and the first steps of their musical journey.

Junior High is out 5/30. Find more information about it here.