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Blondshell’s Cover Of The Cranberries’ ‘Disappointment’ Does Not Disappoint

Blondshell — the indie project of 25-year-old Sabrina Teitelbaum — is building up the anticipation for her self-titled debut, whether that’s with singles taken from the record, such as the explosive “Veronica Mars” or the haunting “Olympus,” or one-offs like the Spotify single “Cartoon Earthquake.” Or this new Cranberries cover of “Disappointment.”

It’s safe to say that Teitelbaum’s take on “Disappointment” is not a disappointment. The build-up is beautiful and potent, her vocals and the guitars blending together and sweeping the listener into the hypnotic storm of sound.

“I wanted to sing a song off of No Need To Argue, which is one of my favorite albums ever. Dolores’ voice carries so much emotion throughout the entire album, not just on the big hits like ‘Zombie,’ but on the more understated songs as well,” the New York City-native singer said in a statement about the cover. “‘Disappointment’ hits me so hard because it feels like heartbreak disguised as apathy. I wanted to sing the song how I heard it, with the intensity of the pain behind those airy, relaxed vocals and drums.”

Listen to her cover of The Cranberries song above.

Blondshell is out on 4/7 via Partisan Records. Find more information about it here.