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Some European Movie Theaters Have Pulled ‘Creed III’ After Multiple Brawls Broke Out During Screenings

After months of waiting and anticipating Jonathan Majors as the jacked-up “Diamond Dame,” Creed III has finally swung those mighty fists into theaters, though it seems like some people have taken the boxing aspect of the movie a little too far.

Various French media outlets have reported over a dozen (!?!) separate disturbances in movie theaters over the weekend in conjunction with the sports drama hitting screens. On Sunday, one French theater was forced to call the police after a fight broke out and a security guard was injured by flying debris. Later that day, the police were called to a separate theater to evacuate 500 movie-goers after a large brawl broke out.

Videos of various kerfuffles quickly went viral online, which prompted several independent venues to take the movie off of its schedules, causing even more uproar, as the movie has been out for less than a week.

Deadline reports that the incidents were all isolated, though brawls also seemed to break out in other European cities, like Hamburg and Essen. German outlets seem to attribute the violence to a TikTok trend. Though this one is a lot more disruptive than the GentleMinions craze of 2022 in which a bunch of teens dressed in suits in order to watch the children’s animated feature. They didn’t hurt anyone, but they did throw bananas at the screen.

The violence doesn’t seem to deter American Creed fans, who helped the movie secure a record-breaking opening weekend. So violence is sometimes the answer, but only when it’s fake, on-screen, and conducted by working professionals. Don’t try those hits at home.

(Via Deadline)