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Megyn Kelly Is Slamming Fox News For Not Deciding To ‘Ride’ Tucker Carlson’s Jan. 6 Footage That Even Republicans Think Is ‘Bullsh*t’

As Tucker Carlson receives bipartisan condemnation for his coverage of exclusive January 6 footage provided to him by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Megyn Kelly is blasting Fox News for not making a bigger deal out of Carlson’s scoop. While Kelly acknowledges that Carlson’s reporting wasn’t entirely accurate thanks to his selective editing of the footage, she still thinks her former employee should’ve touted the exclusive across all of its programs.

“I mean, trust me, I worked at Fox for many years, so if somebody gets a big, big scoop, you know, you ride it, you ride the wave, you, you blanket the channel with it,” Kelly said on the latest episode of The Megyn Kelly Show. “You have it exclusively. It’s yours. Nobody else has it. The fact that it’s not ubiquitous across the channel definitely says something.”

As Kelly questioned whether the damaging revelations from the Dominion lawsuit has Fox spooked, she continues to be baffled over how the network handled the January 6 footage. Via Mediaite:

“But that’s no excuse not to ride your own reporting,” Kelly pushed back.

“Either you stand by it or you don’t. Either it belongs on the channel or it doesn’t, you know, either — If Tucker airs it, it’s fair game for the channel. You can’t just have — like run and hide once he breaks this big story, it’s like, ‘Oh, it’s not happening.’ That makes no sense to me,” Kelly said.

So, apparently, Kelly’s argument is that regardless of whether or not Tucker’s coverage was right, the network should’ve gone big or gone home. In a way, she’s kind of right because Fox News is trying to appease MAGA audiences by downplaying the January 6 attack, but it’s also attempting to maintain “integrity” by not highlighting the fact that it’s biggest personality is dismissing the chaos that everyone saw happen on their TVs in real-time. The QAnon Shaman toothpaste isn’t going back in the tube.

(Via Mediaite)