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Alex Jones Has Pitched An Absurd Bankruptcy Plan That Of Course Should Get Laughed Right Out Of Court

InfoWars founder Alex Jones couldn’t be expected to realize the errors of his ways after a court ruled that he must pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages to Sandy Hook families. He has been claiming that he’s flat broke while passing money to family and friends yet also somehow holding onto Jan. 6 rioters’ guns. He’s also been waving his poor cat around and claiming that the feds want to seize his pet. And he has been boasting that he can’t keep the ladies away, so what’s next on his list of delusions?

Jones has dreamed up his preferred bankruptcy plan in order to stay as flush as possible after the punitive damages in the Sandy Hook verdict. Via Business Insider, his Free Speech Systems LLC has filed paperwork asking for him to regain around 50% of his current salary, meaning that he’d still draw paychecks adding up to over $500,000 per year and still live pretty darn well while based in Austin, Texas. The company also claims that its Instahard virility supplements and fish oil fly off the online racks to the tune of $30 million per year. And Jones argues that he needs an exorbitant salary and other enormous expenses, and under his plan, Sandy Hook families wouldn’t receive much at all, nor would his creditors:

But only around $7 million to $10 million of that money would go to creditors each year, per the plan filed in the Texas Southern Bankruptcy Court, seen by Insider. The rest of the money will be used for the cost of goods and operations expenses, as well as paying $520,000 each to Jones and a potential new chief operating officer.

Both Business Insider and the Associated Press have boiled down the creative accounting of the document, and it looks like his typical brand of fiction. The agreement doesn’t appear like it would stand up to any bankruptcy judge worth their salt, but this is a guy who’s been claiming that he’s broke as hell while still taking home over $1 million per year, so this is par for his course.

(Via Business Insider & Associated Press)