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‘Bel-Air’: Here’s All The Music You Heard In Season 2, Episode 3

(WARNING: Spoilers for this week’s Bel-Air episode will be found below.)

For the third episode in season two of Bel-Air, the main cast members find themselves in difficult positions. Last week, we saw Will struggle to shine as a basketball player at Bel-Air Academy without ruffling feathers with his coach and fellow teammates. Carlton is still working on finding new footing at Bel-Air Academy after his social status at the school changed in season one. This is all while he continues to battle anxiety issues. Hilary began her role as manager at the influencer house, but the partnership with Ivy that made it happen isn’t off to the best start. That’s on top of her new relationship with Jazz getting off to a rocky start, which included the surprised and slightly confused reaction from her parents when they heard the news.

In “Compromised,” the third episode of the new season, Will and Carlton pick up where they left off in planning a school protest for Mrs. Hughes who they believe was wrongly fired from Bel-Air Academy. Everyone is in on the protest from Ashley to Hilary to Mr. & Mrs. Banks and Will’s basketball teammates. The planning for the protest gives Carlton a chance to get closer to Yazmin, who is president of the Black Student Union, while also doing something for people that look like him at the school. Plans for the protest get bigger than expected, and soon enough, Carlton is pushed into the spotlight which makes him extremely nervous and triggers his anxiety. Elsewhere, Will’s passion for the protest is on full display which leads to him overlooking some of the other important things around him, and Hilary and Ivy’s business relationship looks like it’s heading straight for a brick wall as the two can’t seem to get on the same page.

The aforementioned events in the third episode of Bel-Air season two, titled “Compromised,” are soundtracked by songs that help to accentuate the emotions behind each scene. You can find a list of them belong as well as details about the scenes that the records soundtracked.

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Vodka Gravas & Wordsworth — “We Winnin’”

We hear this song around the 01:05 mark as Will and his teammates leave basketball practice together. One of his teammates, Tyler, makes a slick comment to Will about his ball-hogging ways which Will replies to by mocking him.

Kateel — Different Problems

Around the 02:03 mark, Will and Tyler talk things out ahead of their big game. Will apologized for before selfish and promised to be there for the time when it’s required. Lisa comes up to Will to talk to him.

4VR — “Guilty”

This song plays around the 04:52 mark as Will and Carlton are walking away from a meeting with Mrs. Bassin. Will overheard Mrs. Bassin’s request for Will to “get with the program.” Carlton expresses concerns with Will about the protest, but Will shuts them down and essentially tells him to be strong.

Easy McCoy — “Deja Vu”

At around the 05:56 mark, Easy McCoy’s “Deja Vu” briefly plays as the Bel-Air title flashes on the screen. This record is the theme song for Bel-Air

Magi Merlin — “Walking To The Dep”

We hear Magi Merlin’s record at the 06:05 mark as the Banks family is setting up at the house to welcome students to prepare for the protest. Ashley is a bit upset as she feels it’s her fault that Mrs. Hughes was fired, but Phil, Vivian, and Hilary assure her that she’s not to blame.

Obed Padilla — “Cheap Thrills”

Around the 11:02 mark, we hear this song as Yazmin asks Carlton if he can be the one to give the speech at the protest. Carlton nervously tries to get out of having to do the speech, but he fails, so the big moment is his to come through on.

Ivy States & Janaé E.

Ivy States and Janaé E.’s record checks in around the 20:24 mark as Hilary meets with the Simply Spiked representative at the influencer house. While she thinks the meeting is successful, she’s a bit disappointed to find out that the partnership is contingent on Ivy’s participation.

Sampa The Great — “Time’s Up” Feat. Kwon

We hear this record around the 32:46 mark as Will, Carlton, Yazmin, and other students walk out of their respective classes to begin the walkout. This goes against the agreement the trio had with the administration.

Blackillac & Caught A Ghost — “The Revolution”

The episode ends with this record playing as Will takes a banner from one of the teachers and races to the school roof to drop it for the students to see. The banner reads “Black Teachers Matter” and students begin to chant that phrase as well.

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